Social Sign-on and Gigya: An Overview

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011

Most websites are offering social sign-in services to allow for a streamlined account sign-in for their customer. With a social sign-on your business can focus on welcoming the customer instead of collecting their information. Gigya offers social sign-on for a multitude of social networks and allows your customer to choose the sign-on identity from the social network of their choosing.  

Single Sign-on  

Allowing people to choose their social network to sign-on to can increase your social interaction by 25%, as there are surprisingly some people who do not use Facebook. 

Account Linking  

While most social sign-on plugins allow users to link one account to your website, Gigya allows them to connect whatever account they choose. The more accounts they are able to link the more integrated they will become with your company. 

Enriched Profile Data  

By using a social identity you give yourself time to greet and welcome your customer, while applying rich profile data, which streamlines the registration process. When you use a social registration you can stop wasting time on email confirmation, as the email will come pre-confirmed through their social profile. 

Standardized Data  

Gigya will standardize the field structures and nomenclature for your user data, making it easier for you to access and use customer’s data in a uniformed fashion. Data streams from varying network will otherwise slow down your data processing and use because of the different structuring. 

Social login powered by Gigya