Metricly: A Solution for Customizing Your Social Media Dashboard

Written by Robin WildingApril 25, 2011

There are some phenomenal social media dashboards out there that offer a myriad of features—but, what if you want some features from this dashboard, and some features from that dashboard? Enter Metricly.

What it CAN do:

Metricly is a customizable dashboard that allows you to choose the features and appearance that suit your needs, by offering you the ability to customize permissions, create graphs, aggregate data and more. This free software allows its users to pull together information from Google Analytics, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Zendesk and more. With customizable information flow and filters, the program can do just what you want. 

What it CAN'T do:

Metricly lacks insightful tools like analysis and recommendations. While it has all the information gathered in one place for self-synthesis, the software does not interpret the information for you. This tool is ideal for companies that know what they are looking for and have the ability to use the aggregated information without a need for analytical tools. This tool was simply designed to gather all the information in one place.


Metricly can be downloaded (did I mention for free?) and installed within minutes, by even the biggest technoweenie. It is plug and play, and accounts are easily added that aggregate the information.

How it Works:


Metricly has built-in connectors to more than a dozen important business tools, including, Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics. More data streams can be added by using their developer API tools. Once your data streams are set up they will update automatically and synchronize with the other incoming data streams into one coherent stream. There are no manual refreshes or data exports needed, nor is there a need for programming (great news for most of us).

Connections are made via oAuth and can be setup by clicking on the “Connections” tab and then entering in your social media account information and password. You can add multiple accounts from Facebook, Twitter or another source by “adding connections”, and these data streams can be shown separately or together by setting options within the data streams by clicking on “Source Connection”.

Dashboard Customization 

For beginner users who don't know which streams of information they will use the most they can start by using one of Metricly's templates. For more advanced users who know exactly what they want from a social media dashboard, you can customize the information you see by using pre-configured metrics or by using their developer tools.  For example, you can put front and central your earnings from Google Adsense or your click through rate from Mailchimp. You can mix and match the metrics that you see when you login to the ones you use the most frequently.

For even more advanced users you can create graphs, subtotals and filters to help you analyze the aggregated data.

Advanced Tools

Metricly comes with a surprisingly robust toolset, and includes: subtotals and filters, internal data, permissions, and developer APIs. 

The subtotals and filters allow you to break data down into single streams or metrics.. You can also use these subtotals to look at specific angles of your streams by using  pre-determined tools like “Percentages” and “Values”. The filters allow you to narrow down the data by the parameters you choose. 

Their Internal Data tools allow you to push data from your database or spreadsheet into Metricly, to be combined in views with your data streams. 

Metricly permissions allow you to set three levels of users, read-only, standard (can view and edit but not create new connections or data streams), and Admin.

Develop API tools allow developers to write their own APIs that can be plugged into Metricly, which makes the customization level completely up to you. Metricly's developer portals provide all the documentation necessary.

Using the Data

With Metricly you can track and analyze your data streams to see how your business is trending across  multiple media streams. The tool gives you summary reports as well as drill-down features that allow you to get to the data you want and provide you with all the information, laid out in a format ready for analysis and exporting.

Free Tool—or Paid Subscription?

While Metricly is a free tool for businesses and individuals, they do have a paid version with a more robust set of features for serious social media marketers. 

Free Version

Your free tools include:

  • a basic number of connectors
  • easily created graphs
  • templated and customizable dashboards

Paid Subscription

The paid version comes with all the tools available via the free tool but with the following additions:

Premium Plan: 

  • More connectors/connections
  • Ability to connect to your company database
  • Better reporting tools
  • Data history (up to 3 years)
  • Multiple users


Metricly can be a simple customizable dashboard tool or an advanced solution depending on your skills and your team's skills. For companies with advanced needs (but without the advanced skills to go along with it) the company also offers consulting services. Even the free tool from Metricly will offer you customization previously unavailable in the social dashboard world, but advanced users will enjoy the functionality of the paid subscription.


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