Social Sign-on: Questions to Ask Before Enabling Social Sign-on for Your Web Site

Social sign-on is an authentication method available on many websites where a person uses their social networking account login credentials as identification to "sign on" to other web sites. In laymen's terms, it's what allows you to login to other sites using your Facebook ID and Password (or Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc). For a web site owner or administrator, there are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed about this relatively new technology. Below is a list of questions to ask before you decide to implement a social sign-on solution for your web site:   

What Metrics Matter in Twitter and How You Track Them

While it seems that some people are obsessed with social media metrics, those metrics can be useful for gauging the success of your Twitter marketing efforts. The problem is that  there so many metrics that you can look at.

40 Fascinating Twitter Facts

140 characters may seem morsel-sized but billions of them have managed to put Twitter on everyone’s radar from celebrities to marketers. What began as an experimental side project in 2006 has quickly ascended the ranks to become one of the world’s best known and most utilized social networks. Not to mention the world’s first micro-blog and real-time news feed.

Cultivating Twitter Followers & Social Commerce: What Followers Do and Don't Want

The origins of Twitter reach back much further than its 2006 founding. In fact, they reach back further than the invention of the internet or the personal computer, all the way back to late 19th century England where speakers began to use a small corner of Hyde Park, London, for public debate. It was called Speakers’ Corner, and anyone and everyone could haul a soapbox to that corner of the park, stand atop it, and speak about their views and opinions to anyone who was passing by. Interesting speakers drew crowds. Boring speakers talked to the pigeons. And the tradition continues today.

Making Web Sites Social: Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer Discusses the Keys to Success in Social Media & Technology

Gigya, what we’ve referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of social plugins, continues to offer new features for making websites social that align with client needs and the latest trends and innovations. Early to the social scene in 2006, the platform was a trailblazer in a sea of individual plug-ins and remains so today leading the social CRM pack with a lion’s share of impressive clients to show for it.

HootSuite Community Director Dave Olson Discusses Social Media Brand & Marketing Strategy

HootSuite is no stranger to those who keenly follow and use social media each day. Its intuitive social media dashboard offers users the ability to monitor and post to a plethora of social networks while tracking over 30 analytics along the way. Better yet, the platform’s unrivaled team collaboration features have won the affection of many enterprises seeking to align their social strategy with the help of multiple employees.

Turbo Tax: Users Turn Evangelists with the Help of Gigya

This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations.

Gone are the days when corporate websites acted as walled gardens that worked independently from one another and from their users. Brand discussions, loyalty and trust are now cultivated on Facebook and Twitter rather than on proprietary websites.  It’s little wonder why. In one recent study, 71 percent of consumers cited product reviews from friends and family as the primary influence on their purchasing decisions (Booz & Co, 2011). Statistics like this have lured brands large and small to the social space where conversations take place and brands are now defined.

Metricly: A Solution for Customizing Your Social Media Dashboard

There are some phenomenal social media dashboards out there that offer a myriad of features—but, what if you want some features from this dashboard, and some features from that dashboard? Enter Metricly.

Dell & Social Media: A Social Success Story

This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations.

Case studies provide marketers and organizations with the data they have been craving in the social media landscape to effectively leverage the new medium. In this article, we examine how one of the world’s largest IT corporations chose to embrace the social web to drive measurable results. By streamlining, harmonizing, personalizing and selling, organizations large and small can learn from Dell’s innovative approach in the sector.

What is Google's +1 and Why Does it Matter?

Surprise!, Google has gone social—again. Google has made yet another foray into the social scene, but this time they made a smarter decision and modeled their new +1 after the already uber successful Facebook Like button. After several unsuccessful attempts, including Orkut, Google Romance, Picasa, Friend Connect, Lively, Wave, Social Search, and Buzz. 

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