Gigya, what we’ve referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of social plugins, continues to offer new features for making websites social that align with client needs and the latest trends and innovations. Early to the social scene in 2006, the platform was a trailblazer in a sea of individual plug-ins and remains so today leading the social CRM pack with a lion’s share of impressive clients to show for it.

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This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations.

Gone are the days when corporate websites acted as walled gardens that worked independently from one another and from their users. Brand discussions, loyalty and trust are now cultivated on Facebook and Twitter rather than on proprietary websites.  It’s little wonder why. In one recent study, 71 percent of consumers cited product reviews from friends and family as the primary influence on their purchasing decisions (Booz & Co, 2011). Statistics like this have lured brands large and small to the social space where conversations take place and brands are now defined.

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