As the Internet becomes the next great social experiment, the web is responding in kind. The two major search engines, Bing and Google, are both becoming more social and beginning to pick up on social cues. The first step that started the process was the addition of Google’s Social Search.

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There is one reality all of us are familiar with: multiple accounts. It’s hard to find somebody who is at least a semi-regular on the web surfer who doesn’t maintain multiple accounts. For example, an person may have:

  • several email accounts - perhaps one Yahoo account plus two Gmail accounts (one personal and one "family" account that is shared with family members)
  • a Twitter account for personal and business interests
  • a Facebook account  for keeping up with their social graph.
  • a PayPal account for online commerce
  • a Windows Live Messenger account for chat
  • etc.

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You have found your voice on WordPress. Congratulations. But, without getting people to read it your blog will be as popular as an accordion player at a rock concert. There is no more perfect way to promote your blog than to use social plugins. Social plugins allow you to shamelessly proselytize your WordPress blog to attract social media socialites.

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