CruiseNow CEO John Keen on Successfully Engaging Customers via Social Media

Social media can make or break a brand and few industries have had to wrestle with the implications of our social era more briskly than hospitality. Customer perceptions can change in as little time as it takes to read the headline of a bad review on TripAdvisor. But the social world is a two-way street, with attentive brands successfully engaging with customers and earning new ones in the process.

Four Factors to Consider When Implementing Social Sign-on

You’ve decided to implement social sign-on on your website. That’s potentially a good move. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before implementing social sign-on.

Let’s take a look at four factors that you should consider when implementing social sign-on.

Social Sign-On: Good Things Come in Multiples

Social Sign-On is a form of authentication that allows end-users to register and login to websites with existing social identities such as their Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts. With 75% of consumers inclined to leave websites that require registration, Social Sign-On remedies many common conversion headaches and has been quickly embraced. Additionally, it broadens reach, increases engagement and tap into valuable social APIs.  

Social Sign-on: Questions to Ask Before Enabling Social Sign-on for Your Web Site

Social sign-on is an authentication method available on many websites where a person uses their social networking account login credentials as identification to "sign on" to other web sites. In laymen's terms, it's what allows you to login to other sites using your Facebook ID and Password (or Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc). For a web site owner or administrator, there are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed about this relatively new technology. Below is a list of questions to ask before you decide to implement a social sign-on solution for your web site:   

Making Web Sites Social: Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer Discusses the Keys to Success in Social Media & Technology

Gigya, what we’ve referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of social plugins, continues to offer new features for making websites social that align with client needs and the latest trends and innovations. Early to the social scene in 2006, the platform was a trailblazer in a sea of individual plug-ins and remains so today leading the social CRM pack with a lion’s share of impressive clients to show for it.

Turbo Tax: Users Turn Evangelists with the Help of Gigya

This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations.

Gone are the days when corporate websites acted as walled gardens that worked independently from one another and from their users. Brand discussions, loyalty and trust are now cultivated on Facebook and Twitter rather than on proprietary websites.  It’s little wonder why. In one recent study, 71 percent of consumers cited product reviews from friends and family as the primary influence on their purchasing decisions (Booz & Co, 2011). Statistics like this have lured brands large and small to the social space where conversations take place and brands are now defined.

Single Sign-On: Determining a Single Sign-On Solution for Your Website

Supply and demand! The Internet’s proven to be a social juggernaut in the past few years, with countless places for users to discuss and share ideas. An emerging business dilemma is that there are so many new sites each week that some people are getting tired of creating new accounts for them all. The demand for a single sign-on future is huge, and many competitors are scrambling to offer the desired supply of tools to meet users’ needs.

Leveraging the Social Web & User Comment Tools

User Comments have been a part of the web for decades. In the early 90’s, forums were the medium for aggregating and organizing user comments through interests (ie: car forums, tech forums, gaming forums, business forums, etc). Anybody with a geocities website could throw on a forum and begin interacting with the community.

Social CRM Software: Which Platforms, Apps, & Tools Should You Use?

Navigating the Labyrinth

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for professionals and organizations to carefully craft their social strategy and seek out the right tools for the job. Gartner Research released its latest study which expects social CRM software sales to exceed an impressive $1Billion by 2013.

Top 10 Social Media Plugins That Will Most Improve Your Web Site (and how)

Social media plugins play an important role in connecting websites and web services to social networks. Social media services allow websites to engage with their visitors in a fresh and interactive way— and have become essential to the health and growth of a new web. This article outlines the top 10 social media plugins of today, why they’re so important, and why you should consider using them for your site.

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