Eric Kim

Twylah Co-founder Kelly Kim

Last week, Twylah co-Founder Eric Kim filled our readers in on the many ways his tool helps brands take Twitter to the next level by aggregating tweets on customized brand pages. Presiding over his company’s own tweeting is the other half of the Twylah equation, co-Founder Kelly Kim.

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"Twylah Founder Eric Kim"

Chances are you’ve long given up on testing new Twitter apps and tools even if you count yourself as an early-adopter or brand manager. That’s because there are hordes of new ones cropping up and most serve very specific, if not niche, needs. As today’s interview will suggest, however, you should probably reconsider your resistance for at least one of those apps. Twylah identifies Twitter’s major flaws, cleans them up through effective features and capabilities and allows for users to take effective control over their Tweets and their brand.

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