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DataSift - Democratizing Data Via the Twitter Fire Hose

Intent on democratizing data, DataSift crossed the Atlantic November 16 to much anticipated applause for its US launch. The platform offers real-time social media data filtering in a disruptive and digestible way thanks to its unique relationship with Twitter. DataSift, sprung from Nick Halstead’s genius (the same guy responsible for TweetMeme) was in fact founded four years ago in the UK and has been busy perfecting and growing its social data arsenal so that the rest of us don’t have to.  

Social Strand Media's Tracy Sestili: Things to Consider When Developing a Social Media Strategy

Social media consultant Tracy Sestili knows how overwhelming social strategy can be for organizations large and small. A regular keynote speaker and writer, Sestili ‘s easy to implement and practical advice allows brands to leverage the power of social networks quickly and efficiently. Her social consulting firm Social Strand Media provides a full range of services that include social media goal-setting and strategy, setup, campaign management, analysis and more.

Twylah Co-Founder Kelly Kim’s Twitter Tips: Why You Must Give to Receive

Last week, Twylah co-Founder Eric Kim filled our readers in on the many ways his tool helps brands take Twitter to the next level by aggregating tweets on customized brand pages. Presiding over his company’s own tweeting is the other half of the Twylah equation, co-Founder Kelly Kim.

Twylah Founder Eric Kim Discusses Organizing and Monetizing Tweets and the Twitter Universe

Chances are you’ve long given up on testing new Twitter apps and tools even if you count yourself as an early-adopter or brand manager. That’s because there are hordes of new ones cropping up and most serve very specific, if not niche, needs. As today’s interview will suggest, however, you should probably reconsider your resistance for at least one of those apps. Twylah identifies Twitter’s major flaws, cleans them up through effective features and capabilities and allows for users to take effective control over their Tweets and their brand.

What Metrics Matter in Twitter and How You Track Them

While it seems that some people are obsessed with social media metrics, those metrics can be useful for gauging the success of your Twitter marketing efforts. The problem is that  there so many metrics that you can look at.

40 Fascinating Twitter Facts

140 characters may seem morsel-sized but billions of them have managed to put Twitter on everyone’s radar from celebrities to marketers. What began as an experimental side project in 2006 has quickly ascended the ranks to become one of the world’s best known and most utilized social networks. Not to mention the world’s first micro-blog and real-time news feed.

Extending Your Brand with Social Marketing

If you fell asleep in 2005 and just woke up, I have some news for you: social media has taken over the world. People connect with each other all over the world in real-time and in ways that were never possible before. Social media has become a huge factor in political campaigns, political revolutions, dating, and marketing.

Cultivating Twitter Followers & Social Commerce: What Followers Do and Don't Want

The origins of Twitter reach back much further than its 2006 founding. In fact, they reach back further than the invention of the internet or the personal computer, all the way back to late 19th century England where speakers began to use a small corner of Hyde Park, London, for public debate. It was called Speakers’ Corner, and anyone and everyone could haul a soapbox to that corner of the park, stand atop it, and speak about their views and opinions to anyone who was passing by. Interesting speakers drew crowds. Boring speakers talked to the pigeons. And the tradition continues today.

The Humane Society & Social Media: A Non-Profit Social Success Story

This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations

The Humane Society of the United States is one of the largest and most successful non-profit organizations operating in the social space with over 700,000 Facebook fans and 55,000 Twitter followers to date. As the nation’s largest animal rights and welfare organization, the information it disseminates and campaigns it runs reach a large contingency of advocates.

Dell & Social Media: A Social Success Story

This article is part of a series titled “Social Success Stories” in which we explore social media successes by platforms and organizations.

Case studies provide marketers and organizations with the data they have been craving in the social media landscape to effectively leverage the new medium. In this article, we examine how one of the world’s largest IT corporations chose to embrace the social web to drive measurable results. By streamlining, harmonizing, personalizing and selling, organizations large and small can learn from Dell’s innovative approach in the sector.

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