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Facebook Marketing: What Facebook Metrics Matter and How to Track Them

If you’re using Facebook to market your business or service, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort, and maybe even a little money, into that. And, like any investment, you want to see a return.

What Metrics Matter in Twitter and How You Track Them

While it seems that some people are obsessed with social media metrics, those metrics can be useful for gauging the success of your Twitter marketing efforts. The problem is that  there so many metrics that you can look at.

Facebook Posts and Your Brand: Defining and Measuring the Value of a Post

Social media marketing is the new frontier, and new frontiers scare people. They especially scare marketers and executives who have virtually no way of measuring the benefit of crossing into the new frontier. I know we all say that social media marketing is highly targeted, virtually cost-free, and will bring huge returns to those who invest in it, but it has been historically hard to measure the actual ROI on a social media marketing investment.

HootSuite Community Director Dave Olson Discusses Social Media Brand & Marketing Strategy

HootSuite is no stranger to those who keenly follow and use social media each day. Its intuitive social media dashboard offers users the ability to monitor and post to a plethora of social networks while tracking over 30 analytics along the way. Better yet, the platform’s unrivaled team collaboration features have won the affection of many enterprises seeking to align their social strategy with the help of multiple employees.

Metricly: A Solution for Customizing Your Social Media Dashboard

There are some phenomenal social media dashboards out there that offer a myriad of features—but, what if you want some features from this dashboard, and some features from that dashboard? Enter Metricly.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Dashboards Threadsy, HootSuite, & MediaFunnel

Using a dashboard in your social media strategy is like bringing a Lamborghini to a street race—possibly overkill but guaranteed to put you ahead of the pack.

Social Media Metrics: Why They Are Critical But Often Overlooked

Over 80% of companies are not measuring their social media marketing in terms of ROI. That’s four out of five companies that put a concerted effort into social marketing, cross their fingers, and hope it’s working. If that is you—don’t worry there is hope for you yet.

Understanding Your Klout Score: What Does Klout Measure and What Does a Klout Score Mean?

So you think you have a lot of social clout? Social clout is a more difficult concept than most people think. The creators of Klout have created an algorithm to determine exactly how much influence someone has over their social networks. The interesting thing about a Klout score is that numbers mean nothing and true influence means everything. You cannot fake a Klout score—so far anyways.

Social Mention Tracking Tools: How to Measure Your Brand Mentions

Scene: It was 20 years ago and a nearly-gone-blind PR professional combs 17 daily papers with size 10 fonts for mentions of their company.

Flash forward to 2011: A PR pro has an alert of all the media mentions of their company forwarded to their inbox—then they begin responding and forwarding the content via their online social networks.

Social CRM Software: Which Platforms, Apps, & Tools Should You Use?

Navigating the Labyrinth

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for professionals and organizations to carefully craft their social strategy and seek out the right tools for the job. Gartner Research released its latest study which expects social CRM software sales to exceed an impressive $1Billion by 2013.

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