Nick Sanchez

In addition to being a social technology devotee, Nick Sanchez is a senior editor for a broadsheet trade magazine covering the outdoor sports industry, a dedicated music blogger and occasional poet.


Part 1: Inception to Implementation

Since introducing its API to the public in 2006, Facebook’s slow but steady branching out has taken users from the launch of Facebook Platform in 2007, which allows third party developers to build social applications within Facebook (e.g. Farmville), to Facebook Connect in 2008, which allows users to connect chosen private information to websites outside Facebook, and finally to Facebook Instant Personalization in 2010.

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This is second article of a two part series. Read Part 1: Inception to Implementation

Part 2: A Review of Instant Personalization’s Implementation

The first thing users will notice about nearly all of the Instant Personalization-privileged websites is that they let users know they’re being Instantly Personalized for by displaying the thumbnail version of the user’s profile pic and name at the top right corner of the screen with a message informing them that Facebook Instant Personalization is being used to tailor their experience.

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Part 1: The Future of Retailing Lies in a Cross-Channel World

As retailers continue to navigate their way out of the economic turbulence of recent years, many have found that the new landscape they’ve emerged into is characterized by new consumer behaviors—especially those borne of the new channels beyond the physical and virtual storefront.

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Part 2: eCommerce Success Via Cross Channel Marketing  

In part one of this series, Social Technology Review analyzed RSR’s recent retail survey which made it empirically clear that, “the store-only trip, where customers begin and end their shopping process only in a store, is heading for extinction.”

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Part 3: Performance-Minded Solutions for Multiple Channels

In part two of this three-part series, Social Technology Review examined the ecommerce opportunities and organizational inhibitors RSR has uncovered in its latest annual survey of retailers.

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For Spring 2011 the Usography Corporation has released a “Retailer Social Commerce Scorecard” which tallies the social features employed by various retail sites across the web. The study used the 15 social commerce features listed below to rank companies like Amazon, Macy’s, and Ikea by how many of the criteria were implemented on that company’s website.

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