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Gigya's Sharing Technology: Increasing Customer Integration and Participation

Getting your customers to share content with and from your website is key to increasing customer integration and participation. The problem is most plugins do not prompt users to share—giving them that important nudge and reminder. The ability to share across all major social networks will increase the amount of social buzz you receive from your social media marketing strategy—contributing to more high-quality social media referrals.

Connect Your Users to All Major Media Sites with Gigya

Social optimization requires that you connect with major social media sites to allow your users to integrate your company in their social sphere. Gigya allows you to connect across all the major social platforms.

Social Plugins: What are Social Plugins and How Can They Improve Your Web Site?

What Are Social Plugins?

Social plugins are friends with benefits. They are small additions to your website that allow you to leverage Facebook’s 500 million users to increase web traffic to your site.  These plugins are leading to the social optimization of the Internet, and it is catching on like wildfire.

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