Articles on Social Sign-On, Authentication, and How to Log-on Using Facebook, Twitter, Google, & LinkedIn ID's and Passwords:

Most websites are offering social sign-in services to allow for a streamlined account sign-in for their customer. With a social sign-on your business can focus on welcoming the customer instead of collecting their information. Gigya offers social sign-on for a multitude of social networks and allows your customer to choose the sign-on identity from the social network of their choosing.  

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Gigya is to social media what the Swiss Army Knife is to camping—a lifesaver. While there are hundreds of other plugins to choose from, Gigya offers a centralized service with a GUI-interfaced console and analytical tools. Their scalable services have been implemented by the likes of ABC, ESPN, Reuters, Time and Turner.

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There is one reality all of us are familiar with: multiple accounts. It’s hard to find somebody who is at least a semi-regular on the web surfer who doesn’t maintain multiple accounts. For example, an person may have:

  • several email accounts - perhaps one Yahoo account plus two Gmail accounts (one personal and one "family" account that is shared with family members)
  • a Twitter account for personal and business interests
  • a Facebook account  for keeping up with their social graph.
  • a PayPal account for online commerce
  • a Windows Live Messenger account for chat
  • etc.

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