Account Linking: Articles on Account Linking and Authentication

Social optimization requires that you connect with major social media sites to allow your users to integrate your company in their social sphere. Gigya allows you to connect across all the major social platforms.

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Gigya is to social media what the Swiss Army Knife is to camping—a lifesaver. While there are hundreds of other plugins to choose from, Gigya offers a centralized service with a GUI-interfaced console and analytical tools. Their scalable services have been implemented by the likes of ABC, ESPN, Reuters, Time and Turner.

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Facebook Open Graph

Facebook and Open Graph have effectively begun the process of integrating the social network into the rest of the web. The question is, what does this mean for the future of media outlets, third-party websites and developers, and other, competing social networking environments?

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Imagine a single card in your nice slim wallet with a single PIN or password that is connected to all of these other cards: credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, store cards, club membership cards, etc etc. sitting at home in that fat bulging creaking old wallet. And now imagine that this one card can link up with your friends or work colleagues (if you want it to) and they can keep up to date with what you’re doing wherever you (and they) are.

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There is one reality all of us are familiar with: multiple accounts. It’s hard to find somebody who is at least a semi-regular on the web surfer who doesn’t maintain multiple accounts. For example, an person may have:

  • several email accounts - perhaps one Yahoo account plus two Gmail accounts (one personal and one "family" account that is shared with family members)
  • a Twitter account for personal and business interests
  • a Facebook account  for keeping up with their social graph.
  • a PayPal account for online commerce
  • a Windows Live Messenger account for chat
  • etc.

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