Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...January 27, 2012
Social Media

Few ‘best of’ lists are emboldened to go to the depths required of a Top 100, searching high and low for a well-rounded compilation of individuals who make the largest impressions. We took the bait and compiled our first ever Top 100 Social Influencers List. Polling various stakeholders in a range of verticals, the decidedly un-scientific result is this unique compilation of key social web players ranging from industry execs and startup entrepreneurs to celebrities and self-branding masterminds.

As is often the case, even a list of 100 leaves room for desire. We have erred on the side of diversity rather than focus multiple spots on the staff of few leading organizations to omit yawns and redundancy where possible. That said we certainly did not shy away from including the prominent individuals who
exert considerable influence in their industries and beyond. Though the list is organized numerically, we paid more attention to who is and is not included than to the numbering of individuals. We hope you enjoy this collection and, as always, if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them for us.

Without further ado, we bring you SocialTechnologyReview’s Top 100 Social Influencers, in reverse order:

100. The White House- Taking its cue from the President, the White House actively engages its citizens on its Twitter feed, encouraging constituents to “tell us what you think”. In the brief few years since its inception, other political residences and parliaments have followed suit including the Kremlin (@KrelimRussia_E) and Number 10 Downing Street (@Number10gov).

 99. Leo Widrich- Co-founding Buffer, a new Twitter tool that makes a lot of lives easier by scheduling your tweets with an easy to use dashboard extension. Authentic and thoughtful, Widrich is often found evangelizing Twitter and his new platform from his handle @leowid. Both he and Buffer make our Top 100 List for one’s to watch in 2012.

98. Reg Saddler- Co-host of The Drill Down, a widely popular social media podcast, Saddler is a consultant and a self-diagnosed “information addict” who seems to follow everything, everywhere. He was noted as being one of the most prolific Digg users of all time, ‘digging’ some 130,000 stories and has taken his content-sharing approach to Twitter where his audience is rapidly expanding.

97. Michael Q Todd- Twitter coach, entrepreneur and self-dubbed love promoter, Todd is one of those contagiously happy people who spreads motivation far beyond his home-base in Australia. Todd has built a brand empire across all social outlets by teaching others how to craft their own with careful steps to manage social media and leverage it for all it’s worth. Promoting sustainability, he is currently nominated for a Shorty Award in the Green category. 

 96. Michael Stelzner- Best selling author, speaker and marketing specialist Stelzner is one busy man. Founding Social Media Examiner, one of the largest business blogs around with nearly half a million monthly visits, he writes digestible tips for leveraging social media in addition to teaching online conferences in which he assembles some other of the industry’s best and brightest to contribute.

95. Tom Anderson- Anderson’s infectious smiling face has greeted millions of new MySpace users as their first default ‘friend’ on the network, but few know his full story. A self-proclaimed hacker (who incidentally cracked the security of Chase Bank as a teenager), he and fellow social pioneer Chris DeWolfe founded MySpace and turned it into the world’s largest social network before Facebook came along. After Murdoch and NewsCorp crew bought MySpace, Anderson left the company in 2009 and has been quoted as saying he, like millions of fellow users, no longer uses the network. He remains active on other social networks, however, and recently explained on a Google+ thread, “My original vision for MySpace was that everything got better when it was social- so I tried to build all the super popular things used on the web (blogs, music, classified, events, photos) on top of MySpace’s social layer.”

94. Olivier Blanchard- Like other social media consultants, Blanchard helps companies build, develop and measure their social media plans. He also works closely with high level execs and project teams and makes frequent speaking engagements.

93. Tom Pick- A nationally recognized B2B marketer for two decades, Pick serves as Digital Marketing & PR Director for KC Associates- a firm that is only one of a few specializing in marketing and PR for IT organizations. He knows IT inside and out and his work has earned well- deserved national recognition. He blogs on B2B marketing blog at his own Webbiquity blog, sharing tips, book reviews, marketing research and more.

92. Martin Zwilling- Founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, Zwilling is as noted for his writing as he is for mentoring budding entrepreneurs. He is a technologist who has closely following digital technology over the last few decades. He identifies product pitfalls and has offered insight and advice to readers of his blog. An angel investor, he is a Board member at Callaman Ventures and frequently writes for a variety of publications including Forbes and Business Insider.

91. Vladimir Prelovac- Serbian developer Prelovac is the author of several books and is an authority on WordPress. With insight into security, applications and plugins, he can be found covering WordPress dev topics far and wide (including at Mashable).

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