Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...January 27, 2012
Social Media

40.    Walt Mossberg- Technology Columnist for the Wall Street Journal isn’t a small gig by any means. Mossberg has been a leading reporter in the tech sector for decades and his work doesn’t stop at WSJ. He serves as the co-Executive Editor of All Things Digital with Kara Swisher and writes additional columns elsewhere. He is the recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Law from the University of Rhode Island and it is said that there is no one more influential in the successes and failures of the tech industry (earning him the moniker “Kingmaker” by Wired). 

39.    Cheryl Burgess- Winner of two Twitter Shorty Awards in Marketing (something like the Academy Awards of the micro-blogging site), Burgess co-founded Blue Focus Marketing with her husband, Mark. The social media power couple know their way around PR, brand strategy, crisis management and B2B marketing. She is a syndicated blogger, speaker and co-author of Ad Agencies Winning New Business 360.

38.    JD Lasica- Founding SocialMediaBiz, Lasica has decades of experience in consulting and marketing. He was an early adopter and advocate of social media and is today recognized as a thought-leader in the space. Lasica also embraced the power of Web 2.0 to do good in the non-profit sector, founding the social media consulting group SocialBrite that serves non-profits in a variety of capacities to share insight, increase awareness and engagement.

37.    Adam Schefter- Know someone who participates in Fantasy Football? Read Sports Illustrated much? Watch ESPN? If you or someone you live does any of the aforementioned, you no doubt know who Adam Schefter is. An ESPN commentator, he edges out veteran analyst Chris Mortensen (also on this list) as a fan-favorite NFL insider in recent polling… all the more impressive considering Schefter appears on cable T.V. with half the audience. Given the frequent relay of his insider knowledge (from the latest trades to injuries, quotes and other news), it’s little wonder he now boasts 1.2 million Twitter followers. And when some of those fans include other big names in the social space(ehem, Robert Scoble), you might want to see what Schefter is doing right… or you might just want the latest NFL updates.

36.    Jeff Bullas- Consultant. Speaker. Mentor. YouTube aficionado. Blogger. Australia’s native son. You name it, Bullas does it all- and with gusto. If you, like so many, need to optimize your company’s social success you might want to wander over to Bullas’ blog (along with 100,000 other monthly users) where he regularly offers his tried and true guidance to a worldwide audience.

35.    Dharmesh Shah- Software entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah makes our list as co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, an all-in-one marketing software platform for small and medium sized enterprises. Shah is also an avid investor in the Internet space and regularly shares his thoughts on the state of the startup industry at his blog, OnStartups.

34.    Chris Brogan- Brogan is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who puts his knowledge of digital media to unique use. As President of Human Business Works, Brogan works closely with large corporations to implement social media strategies that make a difference. If judging on clients alone, he’s helped some big fish like Microsoft, Ford and Cisco. Brogan is also well-noted for co-founding PodCamp, a crowd sourced gathering of new media stakeholders who participate in so-called ‘unconferences’ at cities around the world from the U.S. and Canada to the U.K., Australia and  Denmark.

33.    Jolie O’Dell- Technology journalist (a nom de plume in case you’re wondering), got her big break covering the tech industry for Mashable. Today, O’Dell covers the sector for VentureBeat and offers up her decade’s worth of insight and a healthy dose of computer literacy (she’s a computer science student in her spare time). From web startups and mobile apps to conversations with Vint Cerf (yes, that Vint Cerf) and more, O’Dell dishes up multiple articles each day to keep you in the know.

32.    John Batelle- What do you get when you mash up a co-founding editor of Wired Magazine, professor, publisher and best-selling author? Someone who would be named John Batelle, Chairman of Federated Media Publishing. Founding and presiding over the next-gen publishing house, Batelle continues to disrupt the space by leveraging the digital ecosystem, building conversation around a product and measuring engagement. In his free time, you can be sure to find him dishing his prolific thoughts to any number of media outlets and making the conference rounds. You might also catch him receiving any number of awards, most recently from the World Economic Forum as ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’.

31.    Wendy Tan White- Veteran founder in the digital space, Tan White founded Moonfruit, the UK’s number one website builder making significant inroads in the U.S. market. She is a mentor with 500startups, a startup accelerator program, and leverages her extensive experience to guide new companies in business development, e-commerce, design, PR, fundraising and more. 

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