Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...January 27, 2012
Social Media

50.    Kevin Systrom- One-half of the Instagram equation with fellow co-founder Mike Krieger, Systrom is one of a new crop of twenty-somethings in the social media space making a big splash. He is an engineering alum of Stanford and had his first taste of Silicon Valley as an intern at a company that was acquired by Twitter. Later working for Google, Systrom believed social products would be the new trend and he left his position to co-found a location-based sharing service.  The photo-sharing Instagram app may offer simple and gorgeous editing options and old-school Polaroid aspect ratios but it’s the ability for users to share their photos across a multitude of other social platforms that has made it one of the fastest growing social apps in the market.

49.    Becky McCray- Think an Oklahoma lady wouldn’t know much about social media? Think again, partner. A Jack(lyn)-of-all-trades, McCray is an astute observer of rural entrepreneurs and the unique set of challenges that go along with a life in the country. Overlooking naysayers, McCray leverages new media to the advantage of those living far from the urban hubs of the industry. Co-Founding Tourism Currents, she and fellow Oklahoma daughter Sheila Scarborough offer online training courses and information to assist tourist professionals. With sound advice, this country gal is one of a few adjusting the mindset of small-town America to embrace what the web has to offer.

48.    Jure Klepic- A jetsetter in more ways than one, social media consultant Klepic brings his wit and wisdom to marketers around the world and shares key strategies for understanding social media’s constant evolution. Noted for some of his biting remarks pointed towards (potential) flops and failures, Klepic can always be counted on to tell it like it is in the social space when others may be reticent. He also offers invaluable advice on how to keep up to speed with the latest incarnations of your favorite networks or tools.

47.    Eric Kim- Noting the dismal environment of Twitter for branding and monetary purposes, Kim co-founded Twylah, a service that aggregates tweets on customized brand pages. An entrepreneur with analytics in his veins, he earned a couple of Masters degrees from MIT and knows how to leverage social platforms it for strategic interests. He is a prolific tweeter himself, sharing a wealth of knowledge from his constituents. Oh yeah- and did we mention that he has been interviewed by the likes of Robert Scoble and Neal Schaeffer?

46.    John Haydon- Shifting his attention from the private sector to non-profits, Haydon helps 501ks amplify their message and increase engagement with his social strategy firm Inbound Zombie. He is a non-profit partner to several organizations, frequent contributor to HuffPo, speaker and instructor. When not playing social superhero, Haydon is a well-defined parent (“childhood creator”, as he refers to it) and attributes his pivot to do social good to his son.

45.    Ann Handley- The Internet is full of marketing tips, if you know who to tap into. A marketing guru with “cool glasses” (in her own words), Handley writes for a variety of publications including MarketingProfs, Mashable and HuffPo. She’s a veteran relationship builder who has co-authored several best –sellers on topics ranging from blogs and podcasts to engaging customers in a social world.

44.    Josepf Haslam- Marketing fan-favorite, Haslam believes in the power of SEO analytics across a broad range of marketing efforts. With an acute knowledge of the industry, Haslam tweets and blogs prolifically and was awarded a ‘Best of the Best’ prize by Alltop.  He spearheads business development for DragonSearch, an Internet marketing company, and leverages his extensive knowledge of SEO, Mobile SEO,  Branding and more for his clients’ every need.

43.    Glen Gilmore- A practicing attorney and Adjunct Professor of Digital and Social Media Marketing & Law at Rutgers University, Gilmore isn’t your average marketing advisor. Thoroughly versed in the dynamic and evolving Internet landscape, he serves as Principal at his social media consulting firm, Gilmore Business Network, where he advises clients on their social marketing and public relations. He also shares a treasure trove of information on his Twitter feed which boasts over 100,000 followers.

42.    Peg Fitzpatrick- Defining herself as a ‘connector’ and ‘positive vibe producer’, Fitzpatrick has made her mark serving as a director of marketing and social media in the private sector. Her initiatives and enthusiasm consistently earn her kudos from fellow bloggers and digital engagers. Fitzpatrick started the monthly #MyBookClub chat for those interested in reading and discussing the likes of Guy Kawasaki with (who else?) Kawasaki himself.

41.    Steve Olenski- Olenski stays ahead of the social curve when it comes to advertising and marketing. A prolific freelance writer whose work can be read on Forbes, BusinessInsider and AdWeek, Olenski formerly served as Creative Director of Star Group where he developed content across all digital platforms. He has created and developed for a variety of creative media outlets (including a Super Bowl ad) which have left an indelible mark on his progressive, forward-thinking outlook. 

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