Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...January 27, 2012
Social Media

70.    Bonin Bough- Utilizing his extensive experience spearheading interactive marketing strategy for some of the biggest brands around, Bough has led PepsiCo’s social media strategy for three years as its Global Director. Well known for his celebrity status in the space, Bough and team provide highly interactive campaigns across Pepsi’s large brand footprint.

69.    Scott Stratten- He’s a Twitter fan-favorite amongst the marketing crowd for his authentic approach which he appropriately dubs ‘Un-Marketing’ (also the name of his consulting agency and his best-selling book). Stratten earned his marketing stripes in the music industry and knows how to weave together blogs, videos and viral content like few others. You name ‘em, he’s worked with some huge clients including Fidelity Investments, Cirque du Soleil and Adobe. So unless you have a really, really good in you probably won’t be able to obtain his services though you can pick his brain on the social platforms and read about his approach in his best seller UnMarketing: Stop Selling. Start Engaging.

68.    Newt Gingrich- Taking a cue from President Obama’s 2008 campaign, Gingrich has discovered the power of the social net. At the time of publishing, the Republican presidential candidate remains unclear heading into the 2012 Election season. One thing is certain, however: Newt Gingrich and his staff are milking Twitter for all it’s worth and have 1.5 million followers to prove it. With most conservative campaign hopefuls dismally slow to embrace social media as an integral election tool, Gingrich and crew have been tweeting prolifically from the get-go with updates, political thoughts and other things you might expect from a Presidential hopeful. Whether he can leverage Twitter as a powerful platform for election remains to be seen but he clearly knows it’s one space not to be missed.

67.    Barack Obama- A plethora of politicians (ehem, their staff) participate in Twitter, have Facebook pages and upload videos to YouTube. This wasn’t the case before the 2008 elections, when then-candidate Obama showed the world how social media could give you that extra oomph. Many said without his campaign’s active involvement in the space, he might not have become President. While we will never know the answer to that speculation, we do know one thing: President Obama is a trailblazer when it comes to the political use of social media.

66.    Jason Calacanis- Serial entrepreneur Calacanis started his career by reporting on Silicon Valley during the dot come boom. He made his real mark on the scene founding Weblogs, Inc. (acquired by AOL in 2005) and has not looked back since. He has served as GM of Netscape and is considered a digital media guru. Like other high flyers in the industry, Calacanis is an active investor while also serving as Founder and CEO of his latest and greatest endeavor Mahalo, a user-generated search engine backed by other need-to-know investors like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

65.    Paul Biedermann- One-time broadcaster with ABC, Art Director for the NFL and Creative Director for the McGraw-Hill Companies, Biedermann is a classic creative marketer who now leverages social media to teach others how to brand themselves in the space. Founding re:DESIGN, a small consulting group specializing in strategic design, branding and social media, Biedermann is also found blogging and hosting the popular Twitter chat #MyBookClub with Peggy Fitzpatrick.

64.    Jason Seiden- With a blog by the name of Profersonal, you know Seiden is interested in breaking some rules. Spearheading Ajax  Social Media (a consulting group specializing in LinkedIn), Seiden has been blogging for two decades and teaching others how to communicate effectively to a wide audience.

63.    Dan Schawbel-  More than a branding guru, Schawbel is considered one of a handful of self-branding futurists and writes extensively on the topic. A syndicated columnist and a blogger for the likes of Forbes and Fast Company, he also makes the TV circuit rounds as an interview subject. He is the author of an international best seller in career advice and a managing partner at a full-service branding agency.

62.    Neal Schaffer- When it comes to social strategy, Schaffer plays with the big boys and has helped numerous clients from Fortune 500s to non-profits. Something of a celebrity in the social media world, Schaffer’s follower count numbers close to 1million across all networks in part thanks to his extensive speaking gigs and books on LinkedIn.

61.    Kelly Kim- Kelly is the other half of the Twylah equation. Not only is she responsible for Twylah’s own tweets, but she is a keen observer of the Twitterverse around her. Kelly has seen many make mistakes and shares insight on aligning organizational missions with social media strategy to avoid pitfalls. She advocates active engagement in social media to exert influence while keeping an approachable manner. After all, “the main way to get engagement is to give engagement,” she told us. She frequently participates and moderates in Twitter chats including the very popular #ToolsChat.

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