Top 100 Influencers in Social Media

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...January 27, 2012
Social Media

80.    Daniel Fletcher- When Bloomberg News needed to wrap their head around the spotty intertwining of journalism and social media, they looked to the fresh-faced twenty-something Fletcher to help guide them along. As Social Media Director for the news agency, Fletcher ensures staff journalists understand and abide by the do’s and don’ts of social media and has been called a whiz kid for whom social media seems to come as second-nature.

79.    Sarah Goodall- Goodall plays lead fiddle for German enterprise software giant SAP in their Europe, Middle East and Africa social media arm. A B2B communications specialist, she offers a wealth of information to her Twitter followers related and un-related to SAP.

78.    Anthony de Rosa- Journalist and entrepreneur turned Social Media Editor with Thomson Reuters, de Rosa ensures that Reuters’ journalists have access to social media tools to monitor news and come across leads. Previously, he founded Neighborhoodr, a hyper-local blog that leverages Tumblr and earned him the moniker “undisputed king of Tumblr” from the NY Times.

77.    Dabney Porte- This fire-cracker brought the word diva to social media circles when she embraced Twitter as a springboard for women’s empowerment. Perhaps best known for moderating popular Twitter conversations including Social Media Girlfriends, she also offers her expert advice to clients as a private social media coach.

76.    Tim Tebow- Sure, there are countless celebs on Twitter talking about their butt-kicking workout with their trainer or posting photos of their a.m. Starbucks stop. But not many link to verses in the Bible, and arguably none do it more than Denver Bronco’s QB Tim Tebow. Known for his prayers in the endzone, 2011 was the year of “Tebow-ing” thanks in no small part to his rapid adoption of Twitter in spreading ‘The Word’. Whether or not he lasts long on Twitter, or with the Bronco’s, remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain: Tebow’s 1million+ strong audience is likely to continue to bring him greater influence in the year ahead.

75.    Jeff Bercovici- A thirty-something covering tech and social media, Bercovici is indicative of a new generation of reporters. His experience includes writing for AOL and Conde Nast and he currently is a Staff Writer with Forbes. He’s really good at finding unique angles even when covering bland topics like social media security issues and the latest Google this-or-that. He’s also good at interviewing interesting people and finding their ticks (see his recent interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews). Lastly, he’s known to pen a few ‘Best Of’ lists himself, most recently with a “30 Under 30” look at up-and-coming Gen Y’ers.

74.    David Cancel- When recently reflecting on the genesis of his company Performable (which was acquired last year by HubSpot), Cancel said, “the single best decision we ever made was to make customer service everyone’s job.” Cancel started the next-gen marketing automation software platform with considerable experience under his belt as an entrepreneur and angel investor. Today, he serves as HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer and tweets prolifically for the B2C crowd.

73.    Larry Downes- Consultant and author, Downes contributes to a number of publications including Forbes and CNET on diverse topics related to the digital age. His acute knowledge of the law amidst the changing tides of an increasingly digital world positions Downes as a leading authority of Internet privacy issues and governance. He has held several faculty positions at Northwester, the University of Chicago and the UC Berkeley Haas Business School. He is also a Senior Fellow with TechFreedom, a non-profit, non-partisan tech think-tank.

72.    The Dalai Lama- Move over social media evangelists, a real guru is in the house. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, embraces social media as a means to spread his message of love and compassion around the world. Nearly 7 million people follow him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, thoughtfully reposting and RT’ing their favorite messages to such a large audience we have a hard time conceptualizing it!

71.    Arianna Huffington- Always ranked among the most influential media moguls and women in media, Huffington is a political journalist who began her career as a conservative commentator for publications such as The National Review. Rocketing to mega-fame after founding the left-leaning Huffington Post (which sees some 7 million monthly visitors), Huffington now acts as Editor in Chief and President. She is a frequent guest across a variety of media channels and has authored several books.

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