Strengthening Brand Loyalty Through the Facebook Comments Plug-in

Written by James GunterJanuary 7, 2011

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Facebook’s social plug-ins. I love them. I love what they do. And I love that they are so easy to implement on just about any blog or website. But the best thing about the Facebook social plug-ins is that they are great at not only connecting you to your website visitors but connecting your website visitors with each other. And one of the best ways to take advantage of this aspect of the Facebook social plug-ins is with the Comments plug-in.

The Comments Plug-in

The great thing about the comments section on a blog is that it allows interactivity between the author and readers. And because the comments are public, it allows readers to interact with each other—comment on each other’s comments and have a conversation of their own. The Facebook Comments plug-in goes one step further and allows for any comment left to be posted back on the commenter’s Facebook wall.

Interacting with Each Other

As I mentioned before, when your brand followers can connect with each other, the bond that they have with you and with your brand community is strengthened. Let’s put it this way, one person may “like” your cool new product, by they may not do anything about it. However, if they can see that 500 other people like your cool new product, they will see that they are not alone—that they already belong to a community of people who have the same interest in your brand. So by liking your product, they don’t just get the intrinsic value of ownership or the benefit or your services, they have just participated in a social experience whose value is both intangible and emotionally powerful.

And if you give your brand followers an outlet to express that emotional bond with you and with each other, their connection to your brand or product becomes even more powerful. That’s what the Comments plug-in as all about.

Sharing Emotional Experiences

If you can help your brand followers join a community based around your brand, then you’ve already started them down the path to a stronger bond with you. But the great thing about the Comments plug-in is that it allows for more than simply joining a community, it gives your brand followers a chance to share their emotional experiences with each other and their personal Facebook friends.

By sharing emotional experiences with each other, they are strengthening their cohesion as a group. And by posting their comment on your website back to their personal Facebook wall (which is the default setting), they are sharing their emotional brand interaction with all their friends, acting as a free referral service. In addition, since consumers a much more likely to trust their friends’ opinions than they are marketing messages—you’ve just earned yourself a leg up on the competition.

Outsourcing the Evangelizing of Your Brand

What it all comes down to is this: If you can help make your customers feel that they are part of a community and have an emotional bond with your brand, you won’t have to tell them to spread the word about your product. They’ll already be doing it. And the Comments plug-in is a great way to offer that communal bond to your loyal brand followers.

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