Social Sign-on: Questions to Ask Before Enabling Social Sign-on for Your Web Site

Written by Brad PrescottMay 19, 2011

Social sign-on is an authentication method available on many websites where a person uses their social networking account login credentials as identification to "sign on" to other web sites. In laymen's terms, it's what allows you to login to other sites using your Facebook ID and Password (or Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc). For a web site owner or administrator, there are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed about this relatively new technology. Below is a list of questions to ask before you decide to implement a social sign-on solution for your web site:   

How does social sign-on work? 

What are the pros and cons of social sign-on?

What security concerns do users have when it comes to using their social networking account credentials to sign in to your site? 

What privacy concerns exist with using your Facebook/Twitter/Google credentials to log-in to other sites?

What user data can site owners collect by enabling social sign on?

To what degree can user data be saved and used by the site owner? 

What benefits do companies derive by utilizing social-sign on for their web site(s)? 

What is the difference between social sign-on and single sign-on? 

Is allowing Facebook enough, or should you also enable Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and others?

What are the challenges in integrating and managing a social sign-on solution for your web site?

Are there any third party providers who manage social sign-on for you? 

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