Social Marketing (Career) Suicide Checklist

Written by Robin WildingApril 6, 2011

So you have decided to throw off the corporate shackles of your 9to5er. Before you leave your cubicle forever, be sure to follow this social media checklist to ensure that you are promptly sacked and can begin receiving a big fat severance.

1. Respond Negatively to All Negative Comments
 While social media marketing is a platform for conversation, it doesn't pay to focus on the negative comments. Spend most of your energy on with positive stuff. If you do feel the need to respond to the negativity, do so without getting defensive. Better idea—have someone else come to your defence.

2. Add Fuel to the Fire
 Creating or participating in a flame war, an argument online, will garner you a spike in activity on your social sites but the negative attention it attracts reflects poorly on you and your company. 

3. Be a One-Man Band
 It is expected that there will be a lot of posts from you in your company's social media profiles but this is not a time to steal the show. An effective social marketing campaign should have plenty of people contributing to your social sphere-- including people who are not on the payroll.

4. Ignore your Inner Filter
What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas but what happens on Facebook is immortalized for the world to see. Think before you post.

5. Accept Everybody
 Accepting everybody is great philosophical advice but bad social marketing advice. Robin Wolaner, the founder of made this mistake when she was beginning her social career-- she added everybody possible to her social profiles. Wolaner later regretted the decision as the noise was too much and she could not create active relationships with most of the people on her 'friend' lists. She later de-friended many people—much to their dismay.

6. Pick Up Women Online
 Facebook stalking women online isn't even cool from your personal social profiles but for the profiles you use at work it is truly tasteless. It can also get you fired for sexual harassment.

7. Meander Without a Purpose
 Posting willy-nilly without a purpose is a completely useless waste of time. 

8. Dive Right In
 You have used Facebook before—so how hard can social marketing be? Executing a successful social media marketing campaign takes work, preparation and research. Researching is required before you begin and to be continually successful you need to follow the trends and new developments. If you do not have an RSS feed or daily update from a site specifically created for social media marketers then you will not live up to your potential. But, since you are already reading this article, on a site dedicated to social media marketing--this one is probably already taken care of.

9. Become King of the Plugins
Having a carefully selected social media plugin is a great way to round off a social marketing campaign, but having too many of them is a great way to screw up an otherwise successful plan.

10. Choosing SMM Over SEO
A successful social media marketing campaign (SMM) should be done alongside a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. The two work hand in hand now that Google has begun picking up on social cues. 

11. Information Overload
Social spaces are designed to be fun and entertaining—not a place to be taken too seriously. Keeping this in mind ensure that your posts are fun, short and at regular intervals. Information overload will sour people on your company's brand.

12. Refuse to be Introspective
You are a busy professional and can't be bothered reviewing your work right? Wrong. If you are not introspectively looking back at your social history and evaluating what techniques were and weren't successful then you are truly missing the boat. Use analytical tools to see what posts garnered the most buzz and then modify your strategy moving forward. This may seem obvious to everyone but you would be surprised how often people overlook this step.

13. Quit
SMM campaigns take time and cannot be rushed. If you quit after a couple months because you aren't getting anywhere then you have just wasted your time. If you aren't prepared to commit at least 6 months without seeing a payoff then it you might be better off not trying at all.

14. Spam

I do not like green eggs and spam, 
I do not like them Sam I am, 
I do not like them on my Twitter
I do not like them, they make me bitter.

The quickest way to kill your social spheres is by spamming your friend lists. This will lose any fan base you have built up and undoubtedly garner attention from the company you are working for since many people on your lists probably also work there.

15. Be Totally Obvious
You are a marketer, you know it and the public knows it so why bother hiding it right? WRONG. Blatant marketing and sales tactics on Facebook and Twitter are the quickest way to bomb out of the social sphere. Instead of doing the hard sell get people involved in soft sell tactics like contests, games, and other fun elements.

16. Ignore Your Audience
Social marketing is a conversational platform for people to mingle, it is not a microphone. Consciously focus on listening to your users, followers and friends and let them know that their opinions matter. Listening is the only way to build strong social site-based relationship, it will also build your customer service presence.

17. Be a Control Freak
As much as everybody loves a control freak-- it will not work with SMM. SMM is all about letting conversations evolve naturally. If you try to control your branding, conversations, and content too much you will scare off your audience. Also somebody will have to carry you out of the office clenching a wooden spoon between your teeth after you go berserk.

18. Be Narrow Focused
SMM is so much more than just setting up a blog, Facebook and Twitter account. Linking all of those efforts together will multiply the affect; also consider doing article submissions, press releases and forum submissions to backup the strategy.

19. Forget Your Brand
Many social marketers forget to mimic their brand and instead socially market in their own voice. Your own voice is fine for your personal accounts but be sure to represent your brand's voice when using social sites for business. 


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