ShopBuilder: DIY Site Builder Moonfruit's Answer to Cross-Channel Commerce

Written by Bonnie Boglioli...December 6, 2011

Looking for a one-stop-shop for your web, mobile and Facebook needs? Moonfruit draws from its extensive experience as the UK’s number one DIY site builder to add its latest addition, ShopBuilder, that seamlessly and instantly integrates cross-channel commerce in partnership with PayPal.

WHO: Moonfruit is a proven leader in all things DIY for websites, helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses with limited time and resources get their websites running painlessly. Leveraging lessons from multiple iterations since its first incarnation in the dot com era to its customers benefit, the platform is widely recognized for its intuitive drag and drop features in website creation. Moonfruit’s freemium model sweetens the deal with free services in addition to premium packages. To date, there are some 4 million customers with one-third based in the United States.

WHAT: ShopBuilder is the latest addition to the Moonfruit lineup made in partnership with PayPal. It integrates seamlessly into the Moonfruit suite and enables customers to create and design their online stores in a single place before choosing which channels to send it to- be it their web or mobile site or Facebook shop.

WHY: “We want everyone to have the (ability) to sell in a controlled environment where they can showcase their products uniquely,” explains Founder and CEO of her company’s leap into social commerce with ShopBuilder. “Up to now, everything has been fragmented and customers needed to build separate shops for online, mobile and Facebook,” she says, citing the inefficiencies of the cross-channel approach to online sales for small businesses. By contrast, ShopBuilder was designed so that customers can get an online shop up and running in less time than it takes to boil a pot of water.

“There are plenty of startups in the mobile and Facebook commerce space, but if you were setting up a new store you don’t want it to be just a FaceBook or a mobile store. We went straight into the sales channels that customers need so (that) they only construct their shop once,” says Joe White, co-Founder and COO. “Shop keepers don’t care where sales come from- they just want them to come.”

Customers seem to be pleased, if ShopBuilder’s early figures are any indication. Some 50 thousand shops have already been built in the first four weeks after product launch. White and team are impressed with the diversity of shopkeepers and target markets. “Having these easy to set up e-commerce tools on our existing web platform makes it possible to trade things that people weren’t able to trade in the past,” he says, such as bundled yoga classes and a shop for Harvard students to sell and purchase gently-used and fashion-forward clothing exclusively with other co-eds. 

In the coming months, additional key features will be added to the Moonfruit lineup including the ability for shop owners to push their products out to eBay and other marketplaces as well as an iPhone app for shop administrative tasks on the go.

With recent reports suggesting that social commerce will increase 6-fold by 2015 (Booz & Co, Feb 2011), Moonfruit is poised to keep its growing customer base ahead of the curve on all fronts. “Our customers are time poor, so anything that will help them sell their products more easily is of paramount importance.”

For additional information on Moonfruit’s products and offerings, visit their website.

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