Joomla: Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Joomla as Your CMS Solution

Written by Robin WildingFebruary 14, 2011

If the easy to use WordPress and the powerful Drupal had a love child—it would be Joomla. The goofily named CMS solution is a hybrid between the plug and play WordPress blogging platform with the extensive development toolbox in Drupal. Think of Joomla as a middle of the road solution for someone who can be more technical than WP requires but not up to the challenge of learning the incredibly complex Drupal.

Joomla took their inspiration from the Swahili word “Jumla” which means ‘as a whole’ or ‘all together’—and this was the backdrop when they created this all-encompassing solution. Joomla functions as a full-service CMS perfect for small and large businesses AND is completely free as it was designed on an open source platform.

This CMS, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages:


The Joomla framework was written completely in PHP scripting. As this is the most common scripting language on the planet your pages should display well and you should have limited compatibility issues. You also have preview modes to check the display.

Simple Installation
Joomla’s installation takes only a few minutes and is ready to use right out of the box. Anyone who can download from the Internet can install and begin using Joomla although its installation is more difficult than WP.

Sophisticated Hierarchies
In the more recent versions of Joomla they have created a more complex navigation pattern that can easily support more than two-level hierarchies. This provides for more in-depth websites with hundreds of pages, as opposed to WordPress, which was not designed with hierarchies in mind.

Plugins and Components
Joomla has significantly more plugins and components than Drupal (although less modules and templates). WordPress by far has the most but there is a lot of functionalities built right into Joomla that means it requires less plugins than WordPress.

Support has a huge selection of development tools and tutorials available for its users. It also has large user-led communities where you can get advice, tips and tricks. There are over 200,000 in its online community for you to connect with, which means you can find an answer to any problem quickly.

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