Joomla: Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Joomla as Your CMS Solution

Written by Robin WildingFebruary 14, 2011
Not Too Technical
If you can speak in Binary and write purely in script then Joomla may be too simple a tool for you. It is easy to setup, learn and use and requires only a little technical knowledge. It is more complex than WordPress and other more simple platforms, so you will need a little background in websites and design principles.

Due to its CMS backbone Joomla is perfect for forums, news sites, multimedia, and other user-generated content sites. For this reason it is most often used in specific verticals like small businesses, non-profits, forums and multimedia sites.

This CMS has 6,686 extensions (and growing) that you can choose from which means it can be customized to create almost any web-based action sites. Their over 6,000 extensions can add the following functionalities:

  • Subscription-based services
  • Calendars
  • Blog software
  • Email-based newsletters
  • Image and multimedia galleries
  • Shopping carts and e-commerce engines
  • Forums and chatting tools
  • Reporting and analytical tools
  • Dynamic form builders
  • Banner-advertising systems

Open Design Platform
As Joomla is an open design platform solution you can have your content designed by any design company and hosted by any domain host. This portability means you own your content and can migrate it as needed (unlike WordPress where you are committed to using then as a host).

Simple URLs
Joomla doesn’t use any string queries in their URL titles, which means its URLs are SEO crawler friendly. This means that your site’s URL will look something like this:, instead of something like this:

Joomla uses modules similar to that of Drupal, and currently has over 80 modules available which should supply you with plenty of design and functionality options to choose from.

Easy To Update
While you may hire a company to design your Joomla-based site, odds are you will need to update it yourself. Once the page is designed and in place the content can be updated easily from your web browser or iPhone. All you need is basic word processing skills.

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