Gigya's Sharing Technology: Increasing Customer Integration and Participation

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011

Getting your customers to share content with and from your website is key to increasing customer integration and participation. The problem is most plugins do not prompt users to share—giving them that important nudge and reminder. The ability to share across all major social networks will increase the amount of social buzz you receive from your social media marketing strategy—contributing to more high-quality social media referrals.

One-Click Sharing

Similar to other social media sharing plugins Gigya allows users to share information with their social networks, and it gives you customizable options for auto-sharing to increase user participation.

Multiple Networks

The key element to Gigya is the sharing across multiple networks, and your users can do it simultaneously without clicking around to share on each network individually.


Within Gigya’s sharing portfolio they allow you to customize your services to use their API or your own UI.

Optimal Performance

Gigya’s controls allow you to optimize message content so you can choose the copy and images for each message. You can also set a default to Facebook’s sharing in order to increase site participation.

Action-Based Triggers

With Gigya you can tag different actions, including connecting, viewing, voting, video sharing, and more. You can also set prompts to ensure your users share your tagged content across their social profiles.

Automatic Link Shortening

With the increasing popularity of Twitter, Gigya has created a solution that shortens links in order to comply with the irritating post limitations. This ensures that your content is shared, and not lost because of text quantity limitations.


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