Gigya: the Swiss Army Knife of Social Media Plugins

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011
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Gigya is to social media what the Swiss Army Knife is to camping—a lifesaver. While there are hundreds of other plugins to choose from, Gigya offers a centralized service with a GUI-interfaced console and analytical tools. Their scalable services have been implemented by the likes of ABC, ESPN, Reuters, Time and Turner.

The reason that these big-boys have implemented Gigya’s cross-platform solution is to ensure that they maximize their social media marketing portfolio. In a recent guest post on iMediaConnection, Gigya VP of Marketing Liza Hausman noted that, “referral traffic is as significant from social networks as it is from search engines, making social the next search,” and more importantly that “not only is the [traffic] volume potential enormous, but its word-of-mouth nature also means socially referred traffic is of high quality.” Social searching is the next big phase and that to succeed in a social searching world companies need to "optimize their connections with the social web, continually enhance their users' on-site social experiences, and analyze the results to improve their social business strategy and implementation. This process, called on-site social optimization, is emerging as the next big marketing frontier."

Enter-- Gigya

The reason for Gigya’s popularity is that their centralized console allows you to install, control and analyze all social APIs and protocols. And unlike most plugins, Gigya’s services extend to all the major sign-in services and platforms, including Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Yahoo!, and more. Most likely you have already installed plugins allowing social interaction with Facebook, and this is smart given that Facebook owns 46% of social media marketing share, but, your business would be amiss though to ignore other networks. AllFacebook recognized this when they said, “what’s becoming increasingly clear is that despite Facebook’s dominance, providing a variety of third-party login services is important to capture all new visitors to a site.” 

While the individual services offered by Gigya are not unique, seeing as you can download other plugins to handle each individual aspect of Gigya’s services, their genius is that Gigya is one product that handles all social media outlets and all plugins activities. To receive the services offered by Gigya you would have to download tens of plugins—and all of them will need to be administered separately.

Gigya breaks down their services into 7 main services. To compare Gigya’s offering to plugins in that vertical click on the link for further exploration.


Social optimization requires that you connect with major social media sites, to allow your users to integrate your company in their social sphere. Gigya allows you to connect across all the major social platforms.

Gigya’s toolbox contains: 

  • Unified API tools to connect with all social sites in a ‘write-once, connect-to-all’ way.
  • Automatic updates that keep you up-to-date while freeing up your time for data analyzing.
  • Developer flexibility across multiple platforms including REST, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and C#.
  • Cloud architecture to free up your physical resources and bandwidth.

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Social Sign-on  

Gigya’s social sign-on tools offer you a multitude of sign-ons across all major social networks, allowing you access to a greater variety of customers. Their streamlined services give you the time to greet and welcome your customer instead of wasting time having them create an account. Their social sign-on offering includes:

  • Single sign-on across multiple networks, which will increase your social participation by 25%.  
  • Account linking allowing users to further integrate themselves by linking more than one social account to your site.  
  • Enriched data profiles to streamline the registration process.  
  • Standardized data allowing you a centralized control across all social networks.

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The key component to any social strategy is getting your users to share content. With Gigya you can include prompts that encourage users to share information across all their social networks—boosting your online presence through shares. The more shares you receive the more high-quality social referrals your website will receive.

Gigya’s share offering includes:

  • One-click sharing for easier shares.
  • Multiple network sharing.
  • Options to customize your social media services through Gigya’s API or your own UI.
  • Optimal performance through default sharing protocols.
  • Action-based triggers for videos, comments, sharing and more.
  • Automatic link shortening to ensure your content is shared regardless of post limitations.

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Gigya’s tools will allow you to turn your website into a community environment to drive further customer integration.

Gigya’s community offering includes:

  • Activity feeds aggregated from all social networks.
  • Live chats from users on all platforms.
  • Editable comments.

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Mobile social marketing is critical given that smartphones are increasing in popularity. Gigya’s offering extends to Apple’s iOS and Android.   Their mobile toolbox includes:

  • API choices. 
  • API support.

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According to iMediaConnection, analytics are a vital component to social marketing, which is why Gigya has advanced analytic tools.

Gigya’s analytic offering includes:

  • iRank to identify, rank and reward your best users
  • An analytical reporting tool to understand exactly how and why your users are engaging in your site.

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Services and Support

Gigya’s unlimited customer support during their implementation ensures that you hit the ground running. Their phone support line is open 24/7 and their website offers a variety of tools to help you collect, aggregate and use your data properly.

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