Gigya Social Media Analytics: An Overview

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011

Gigya’s analytics controls give you the opportunity to not only receive benefits from social media marketing, but to analyze how users are interacting with your site. Using analytics tools to evaluate our solution allows you to customize your solution to cater to your clients needs and to improve any areas that are lacking. Their GUI platform or through API allows you to classify your best site advocates and assign them a score through Gigya’s built-in iRank tool.


iRank gives you the ability to identify your top users based on sharing volumes, social graphs, and return traffic volume. You can also learn which specific type of content is driving the most traffic, return visits, and shares. Their rewards system allows you to acknowledge and reward your top influencers for their involvement with your site.

Analytics Reporting

Gigya’s analytics reporting tools allow you to understand how and why your social media strategy is successful. The analytics tool can identify: new users, new connections sorted by platform, total users connecting, newsfeed posts sorted by platform, status updates by platform, messages sent by platform, referred traffic by platform, and more. The real benefit of this program is that it allows you to understand from which platform you receive the most activity, so that you can focus your efforts.



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