Gigya Community: Driving Customer Participation and Integration

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011

The point of social media is to turn your website into a community atmosphere, driving further customer participation and integration. Gigya’s community section drives multiple points for users to get involved in your site’s community:

Activity Feed

Start a buzz with an optional social media activity on your site. When users see the activity from their favorite social network they will be drawn to get involved—creating an instant connection and involvement.

Live Chat

Add different chat platforms, catering to your users favorite social networks. While users can use their favorite platform you have the option to aggregate all chat platforms into one centralized chat—integrating the different communities.


Gigya’s commenting platform allows users to post comments to your site and their social profiles. Users can choose from which network to post, or to post as a guest. To ensure your comments stay company-positive you have advanced admin controls with which you can remove any unwanted or malicious content.


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