Connect Your Users to All Major Media Sites with Gigya

Written by Robin WildingJanuary 7, 2011

Social optimization requires that you connect with major social media sites to allow your users to integrate your company in their social sphere. Gigya allows you to connect across all the major social platforms.

Gigya’s toolbox contains:

Unified API

Gigya’s Unified API allows you to connect seamlessly with all the major social sites in a ‘write-once, connect-to-all’ manner. Their API is OAuth2.0 and allows for high connectivity without putting heavy demand on your network.

Automatic Updates

Gigya will automatically update your platform to include all the new developments in social media marketing—allowing you to have a set-it-and-forget-it solution. For busy professionals the solution will allow you to stay up-to-date without regularly searching for the newest social insights and apps. If you do not like the newest advancements their solution is backwards compatible.

Development Environment Flexibility

Every developer different, which is why Gigya made their platform flexible to fit your style. You can use REST, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, and C# for your programming without affecting operability with your social media solution. If you operate a blog their SaaS solution works with WordPress and Drupal. For more on Gigya’s development platforms check their developers section for mobile SDKs

Cloud Architecture

Gigya offers their services as a SaaS solution, requiring minimal use of your resources because they operate in a cloud environment. They offer secure connections and store your information offsite, which means you can customize and adjust their services depending on your changing needs.


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