About Us

Social technology is evolving incredibly fast. My inspiration for starting SocialTechnologyReview.com is derived from my own desire to learn about emerging technologies. The logic being that if I am curious about these topics so too must other internet geeks and online marketing professionals (not to distinguish them as they are often, but not always, one in the same).

My goal is to publish, publish, and publish original, authentic, and useful information about social technology and social media until SocialTechnologyReview.com is THE industry source for developers, business owners, online marketers, and internet geeks. Maybe the site gets there, maybe it doesn't, but everyone involved will learn a ton in the process. I already have a fantastic line-up of contributors.   

If you are a technology writer/blogger or a developer with a talent for writing, please reach out as I am always looking for new contributors.  

If you are part of a social technology company and think your product is a good fit for a feature article, please reach out. 

- Brad Prescott, Founder

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